Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jerked Chicken Pelau with Grilled Potato Salad

Because this was my second "Challenge",  I anticipated that it would have been easier...well boy was WRONG! One of my taste testers had to come about an hour earlier than I expected, so I had to speed up the process. Having received a DEMORALIZING "6" for my "Penne Alla Bacardi," I was determined to get at least an "8" with my Jerked Chicken Pelau and Grilled Potato Salad. The day before, I cleaned and seasoned my chicken so all that was left to do was cook. 

After browning the chicken, I realized that I didn't have any pigeon peas, the traditional peas used to make Pelau, so I had to use  red beans. Seeing that it was already a mix of a Jamaican and Trinidadian dish, I felt that using the red beans couldn't hurt, and of course it didn't! I was as nervous as "Courage the Cowardly Dog". I felt like I was on an episode of the Food Network's "Chopped" .

I checked the Pelau literally every 2 minutes to make sure it had sufficient liquid and that it wasn't too soft. Then, I boiled the potato whole and the cut them into wedges.  Although it would be ideal to grill the potatoes after, unfortunately they were too soft.  The apples however, were a different story! They grilled PERFECTLY. I put my stove top grill, the best piece of kitchen equipment ever invented might I add, on high while I tossed the apples, which were also cut into wedges and then dipped into vegetable oil. As it touched the grill, there was this orgasmic "sizzle". The same "sizzle" that Bobby Flay and Tyler Florence look for when grilling. After about a minute on each side it was soft with beautiful grill marks.

By the time the salad was ready to be put together, the pelau was finished and in my opinion,  it was exactly what I wanted!  It wasn't  too soft with that heat from the jerk seasoning. As I said before, that's my opinion. Let's hope that everyone else who tasted it feels the same way! *crosses my fingers*

Recipe for Jerked Chicken Pelau

4 Chicken Quarters cut for Stew
4 Cups Brown Rice
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Medium Carrots (Cubed)
2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil
1 Cup Red Bean or Pigeon Peas
1 Cup Coconut Milk
Jerk Seasoning

-Season Chicken to your liking. (Remember that Jerk Seasoning is spicy)
-Brown Sugar in oil until bubbling (Don't allow to get to dark, it gets bitter)
-Add Chicken to sugar and coat until fully brown
-Add Rice and coat to make sure it gets to a light brown color
-Add Beans or Peas, Carrots, Coconut Milk and some water
-Cover and let simmer on a low heat
-Add water gradually so that rice doesn't become soggy
-Check often to make sure that there's enough liquid in the pot 
-Add salt to your liking
-When rice has the perfect texture, un-cover so that the excess water could evaporate
-Taste and Serve

Recipe for Grilled Potato Salad

3 Large Potatoes
1tspoon Vegetable Oil
2 Apples ( 1 Red and 1 Yellow)
1/2 Cup Shredded Purple Cabbage
2 Tablespoons Sweet Relish
1/2 Cup Mayonnaise
Sugar and Salt to taste


-Boil potatoes whole until a knife can pierce it with little resistance 
-Cool and cut into wedges
-Cut Apples into wedges
-Combine Apples and Potatoes and toss with vegetable oil
-Heat grill and add Apples and Potatoes
-After getting grill marks turn and leave for a minute
-Take off and add to a bowl
-Add the rest of ingredients and season to taste
-Chill for 30 minutes and Serve

Chicken Washed

                                                             Chicken Seasoned
                                                           Pelau on the Stove

Finished Product

Apples Grilling


  1. gosh i sorry i missed this !!! any left overs osei????

  2. I had the honor to taste the dish and I must say it was remarkable. When I opened the container you cud smell the jerk seasoning already and being that I hadn't eaten since 12 in the afternoon my taste buds were alreay jumping out of control. The first thing I tried was the chicken I'm a meat eater and ah love chicken ah bit into it and it was great jus the right amount of seasoning. It didn't have that extreme over powering jerk flavor that when u get it, it's too hot to enjoy*bbm whew face* funny enough the riece taste just like the chicken and I noticed that it wasn't pigeon peas it was red beans*confused @ first but it all worked out*.
    Now on to the Grilled Potato Salad @ first when ah saw it and I saw the skin still on I was like ewwwww I'm definitely not eating that. I dipped the fork in it and took a bite and it kinda tangy @ first it hit the back of my throat and I was like yuckkkk *lml* but after a few more bites I cuddnt stop it was so good ah started to mix it with the pelau and boy oh boy that was the topper it was sensational and it had apples in it *who would have thought grilled apples and potatoes was the ish* and did I mention I hate relish but good g-d almighty it sure as heck was hella good in this. I really enjoyed the dish and would eat it again especially the grilled potato salad.
    At the end of the day I gave the jerk chicken pelau a 8.9 and the Grilled Potato Salad a 9.5 but the dish together I gave it a 9.5. I enjoyed keep up the good work my belly thanks you dearly. :) *bbm big hug and thumbs up*

  3. Osei I'm so sorry I had to come 1 hour earlier than you expected, was trying to beat the rush hour traffic! When you opened the container to show me your creations, the food smelled amazing so I was looking forward to tasting it asap! I got in my car & proceeded to eat half of the food right there, I couldn't even wait til I got home! I LOVED the grilled potato salad, I tried that first because I have a serious thing for potatoes and you did not disappoint me. I loved that you left the skin on the red potatoes as it gave alittle texture to the dish. I immediately tasted the smokiness from grilling the apples & the potato salad as a whole was a perfect balance of tangy, smoky, sweet starchiness. I'm definitely going to try to make this potato salad recipe at home. I'm giving it a 9.8, had to take off some points only because I thought the potatoes would have been grilled too! Now on to the jerk chicken pelau. Before I tasted it, I thought it would be strange to put jerk chicken in the pelau, but I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by this twist. It definitely had much more of a "kick" than traditional pelau, I thought it was very well seasoned. I should not have added additional pepper sauce to it though, it was a little too fiery. The rice was cooked perfectly, I like that the grains were separated but not dry and it was not sticky or too soft at all. I didn't mind the substitution of red beans for the pigeon peas either, it worked! I think that I actually prefer this jerk chicken pelau over the traditional kind now, it was that good! I would rate your jerk chicken pelau a 9.5 only because I love potatoes more than meat LOL. The only critique I have about the pairing of this jerk chicken pelau with the grilled potato salad is that together the fiery flavor of the jerk seasoning with the smokiness of the grilled apples might be too bold for some palates. Or maybe it was because I added the pepper sauce that I needed something to cool down my palate! I really enjoyed both dishes immensely, you did a great job and should be proud! Good luck with everything & keep it up. I will test your creations anytime you need me to!